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Penelope Woods

About her

Age: 24

Country: United States

Measurements: 34B-27-36

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 157

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 52

Hola mi amor!! My name is Penelope Woods. I am 23 years old and was born in 1999 in the USA - my body is one hundred percent, Latina, though! I hope you like dark Mexican nipples and smiles that brighten up the room. Check out my latest 8K VR Porn and let my VR nipples bring a smile to your face. I will have you grinning from ear to ear with pleasure beyond anything you have ever felt! Join me in some hot and sweaty VR sex today. Do not keep me waiting. I will wrap my pouty VR lips around your sex pistol and give you the best tongue massage. Stand at attention for me baby! When you are nice and hard you can spin me around and plunge yourself deep into my tight VR pussy. Pound your pelvis into my ass again and again until I have a thigh-shaking orgasm that brings me to my knees. Hold on tight and go balls deep. Fill me with your jizz before falling to the floor with me. We can lay there catching our breath - a smile spread across both of our faces. Put on your Virtual Reality Headset and manhandle my ass today!

What would you do if such a lass as Penelope Woods pornstar decided to besiege your cock with her adroit hands?
Hell yeah, that’s what I call a predicament! Tranquilo, my horny little goblins, I am here - let me become your defender from this lewd babe. Just kidding, just kidding. We both realize that finding your piece of equipment “besieged” by a hottie of this caliber is your innermost dream. Luckily, it might become reality - if you only give the VR butt plus clips with Penelope Woods a shot. Remember what old people say - in life, one never regrets all those opportunities one seized. What one keeps dwelling upon, though, are all those moments when one felt like doing something but… there was something deep inside stopping him from going after it. Today, you won't pander to this voice. Nope, not here. Not when the FuckPassVR team is on duty. Since you have already arrived in our Latina VR porn empire, you must be sucked dry by this princess, whether you want it or (for some unknown reason) not. Thus, gather all your courage (or, rather - stamina) and show our lovely Penelope what true banging is supposed to look like. We are leaving this kitten in exceptionally qualified hands, I am pretty sure of that.

Hey, boner brigade! Gather up! The Penelope Woods VR porn is about to commence!
Time is of the essence here, my friend. No more procrastination, no more deferring carnal delights for later. That era is officially over. Penelope is ushering in a new one - crammed to the gills with debauchery and rampant desire. Your primal instincts will finally have a chance to see the light - and hell, what type of light! Your inner beast will be raving from excitement once you share with it the deep anal VR experience that your willy is about to get here. Needless to say, every night with Penelope is sinful - to say the least. There is something about Mexican VR chicks that one can’t simply resist. Like an aura of sex lingering in the air behind them. Wherever they go, it follows them. Sure, I don’t know if it applies to all Senoritas out there - but if we are talking of this small tits VR porn star… Well - you can check it out on your own.

Yes, you are a slave to your cravings. Like all of us. After all, Penelope Woods pornstar doesn’t leave anyone a choice in that matter
Sorry to tell you that, my friend, but meeting Penelope denotes signing yourself up for a long-term relationship. Yet, it’s not that bad - especially, since we are talking solely about a sexual one. No quarreling, no sending gifts. Forget about it. With this sweetie, you are always cutting to the chase. To tell you the truth Penelope Woods is not interested in foreplay or anything of that sort (although, allegedly, such a thing as “foreplay” doesn’t exist anyway). Nope. What she is after today is… yes, my cowboy, you are right - the piece of meat hidden in your pants. The sooner she gets her trait and turns this encounter into anal VR porn, the better for both of you. In the end, tell me something, my friend (if you would be so kind, of course) - can the mind of yours envision any way of spending one’s time more sublime than what our adorable Penelope offers? Her Latina spirit will provide you with a plethora of carnal delights that are beyond imagination. Let this hottie show you the secrets of Mexico.

Brown eyes, stunning silhouette… Isn’t Penelope Woods pornstar a personification of beauty?
Beauty? Perhaps. As far as I am concerned, though… I would rather call her - the embodiment of lust. A sex demon incarnate. The truth is that this chick is not afraid of anything when it comes to the realm of caressing male shafts. No wonder her true 8K VR clips gained worldwide acclaim - one has no other choice but to marvel at the multiple talents of this chick. Although still incredibly young, Penelope shows aptitudes in the art of fellatio that many of her MILF colleagues are envious of. The thing is that some babes are born with true skill whereas some - are not. Needless to say, Penelope ranks among the former group. A few minutes inside her blowjob VR porn videos should dispel all of your doubts concerning this subject. Today, your tenting piece of equipment is gonna savor the creme de la creme of the adult entertainment industry. No more mediocrity, no more dullness. Forget about the ennui in your pants. On FuckPassVR, such stuff is forbidden. Penelope is gonna take you on a ride - thus better fasten your seatbelt, undo the zipper, and… VAMOS!

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