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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access FuckpassVR Videos for free?

If you possess a VR device already, it's possible to download or stream our FuckPassVR trailers at no cost directly from our site. If you don't own a VR device, simply download the trailers to your smartphone and view them via any freely available VR player in your App Store. We highly recommend the HereSphere app for all your downloaded content.

How can our VR videos be streamed?

Our intuitive web player offers the most straightforward way to stream videos using a web browser, mimicking the process utilized by most online adult-based streaming platforms. It doesn't require additional installations and is user-friendly.

  1. With a desktop computer, tablet, or phone, scenes can be viewed in 2D mode. Simply click the central play button to initiate. On a mobile device, the "magic window" option enables you to manipulate the device itself to explore the scene.
  2. Connect Oculus Go/GearVR to PC: Use a micro USB cable to connect the device to your computer.
  3. You can maneuver the scene on your desktop by using the mouse to drag the field of view. On mobile devices, you can opt for "Drag" to adjust the view with your finger.
  4. On your smartphone, a cardboard icon will appear in the lower-right-hand corner of the player that can switch it to cardboard mode. Once the video starts streaming in this mode, your phone can be inserted into a cardboard-like device to witness the scene in VR.
  5. If you're already inside a VR environment utilizing a browser, the play button will take over the entire display and the video will commence in 3D.
  6. The player is designed to automatically detect the best quality that your device can support for an optimal viewing experience.

What name will appear on my credit card billing statement?

The following discrete descriptors will appear on your bill:


How can I cancel my FuckPassVR subscription?

You can cancel your membership directly through the processor that you used to join. Click on the link below and contacnt Epoch support.

Epoch Support

What does “LIFE-TIME PURCHASE” mean?

The “Life-Time Purchase” plan gives you complete and total access to our website with both unlimited downloads and streaming capabilities for a total of 9,999 days (27 years). This option allows you to sign up once and then never worry about a recurring payment again. If you are still enjoying our content offerings 26 years from the purchase date, contact us with your account info and we will happily supply you with an additional 26 year account free of charge. You definitely earned it.

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