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Natasha Nice

About her

Age: 35

Country: United States

Measurements: 34E-27-37

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 157

Hair Color: Brown

Weight: 66

Salut, les garçons! My name is Natasha Nice. I was born in France in 1988 and got my start in porn in 2006. My fans love my petite height coupled with my chubby figure. Did I mention that I have some humongous VR tits? Check out my latest 8K VR Porn and I will gladly smother you to death with them. After all my milkshake does bring all the boys to the yard! I will use my lovely lady lumps to pleasure your soul. When I am finished, no one else will ever do. My oral skills will have you speaking in tongues – and after I give you a sensual titjob you may just blow your load! Think you can make it to the end for me though? I know it will be challenging. I want to feel you inside of me. Break me off some of that good D and make me moan your name. If you can do that, I promise the enduring pleasures that await you will be exponential… Put on your Virtual Reality Headset and I will give you something to hold onto!

Desperately looking for a real sucking expert - you have found the right place - Natasha Nice VR porn videos
This chick always makes her point of doing the best fellatio one ever had - that is her most important principle in life. After all, you need some rules to abide by, right? Some sort of codex serving you as a compass through the pathless land that life is (sorry, I stole it from Krishnamurti). Needless to say, that is what Natasha Nice chose for herself - and no one in this world can dissuade her from this decision. As soon as she decides to please you in her VR blowjob porn, you must agree - otherwise, you will have to deal with a horny, livid kitten - which is a pretty dangerous scenario; it goes without saying. Thus, without risking unnecessarily, simply put on your virtual reality headset and relish the company of this youthful spirit - Natasha Nice will show you why youngsters are the best in the field of sucking. MILFs? Sure, they have experience. But that’s it - most of them are already sick of cum. Natasha Nice, on the contrary… her avidity for caressing male shafts goes beyond human imagination. Come and experience it firsthand.

“Time for sucking cock!!!” - that is the motto of Natasha Nice pornstar
Some people say, “Just do it!” others go for “hell yeah, why not” and those who are into Spanish, “Vamos!!!” - yet, there is another group. A group whose spirit is tainted with sin. A sin as dark as coal. Yeah, you have guessed what sort of sin I am talking about. Lust. When it comes to that bastard, there is no redemption available. One either goes all out in banging or withers from frustration. It goes without saying that our Natasha Nice opted for the former path - her creampie VR scenes are crammed to the gills with it. Debauchery is what indeed turns on this sex demon incarnate. Although her appearance might suggest innocence, the truth is faaaar from that - trust me. Your wildest fantasies couldn’t encapsulate everything that’s gonna happen here in her big tits VR videos. As far as I am concerned, in life, one can either bang Natasha Nice or call himself a loser. It is that simple. Were I you, I would definitely choose the first option. It doesn’t take a genius or Zen Guru to understand why it is the only sensible one. So? Blue or red pill (if you know what I mean)?

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