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Giulia Diamond

About her

Age: 41

Country: Italy

Measurements: -

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 170

Hair Color: Black

Weight: 54

Ciao, ragazzi! My name is Giulia Diamond. I was born in Rome, Italy in 1983 and started shooting porn in 2021. I have only been in the game for a few years, but it has definitely left a mark on me. I have done so much in such a short time – from traditional boy/girl to anal, double penetration, and now VR porn as well. Check out my latest 8K VR Porn and have some fun with me! I will lovingly massage your cock with every part of my VR body. So much tender loving care that time will stop. You will be caught in a time loop of never-ending ecstasy. Let me be your sex guide. I will push you further and further into areas you have never explored with anyone else. After I am done with you no one else will do. Just sit back and relax, I will do all the work. I will hit every pleasure center so good you will not want it to end. Coming back to me again and again… Put on your Virtual Reality Headset and let me take care of you today!

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