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Drowning in The Puss of Ft. Lauderdale

Starring: Kylie Rocket
Welcome to Fort Lauderdale, the largest city in Broward County and one of the ten largest in the U.S. state of Florida. It offers a high quality of life with a semi-tropical climate and diverse economy, including marine, manufacturing, finance, technology, and entertainment industries. The city is famous for its beaches, arts, culture, and events, with attractions like the historic riverfront, and beachfront promenade – as well as landmarks such as the Stranahan House and the Arts and Entertainment District. Fort Lauderdale also boasts 24 miles of golden sandy shores and 300 miles of inland waterways, making it a destination for diverse interests and lifestyles. Being a billionaire investor and an avid swimming fan, you have come to Ft. Lauderdale to invest in a new swimming line created by VR Porn beauty Kylie Rocket. You arrive at her office, and her assistant informs you that Kylie Rocket is running late but she will arrive shortly. For now, you can make yourself comfortable in her office. You do not have to wait long when Kylie Rocket rushes in looking like a tasty snack. She apologizes for keeping you waiting and goes straight into her sales pitch. The FuckPassVR tag on your briefcase catches her attention though. She has seen it before, and seizing her opportunity she decides to turn the heat up. Before you know it, Kylie Rocket is modeling her swimwear for you, and you start to feel some type of way. Her nubile VR body looks magnificent in a thong bikini as she parades in front of you. Kylie Rocket notices the look on your face. It is a look she knows well. She steps towards you and places her VR hand on your thigh. As Kylie Rocket straddles you, she pulls out her perky VR tits and invites you to massage them with your man-hands. When she cannot take it anymore Kylie Rocket gets down on her knees and begins to help you with your pants. Her VR mouth is salivating as she anticipates the feeling of your cock down her throat. Kylie Rocket runs her VR tongue along the head of your cock before taking it as far as her tiny throat can manage. As she begins to feel her VR pussy drip onto the floor she stands up and turns around. Her VR ass looks so good you want to take a bite out of it! Kylie Rockets has other plans though as she squats down and guides your cock into her VR pussy. She lets out a tiny moan as her VR pussy lips part and your cock pushes its way inside her. When you get balls deep Kylie Rocket moans for you to fill her up with your hot, sticky jizz… Put on your Virtual Reality Headset and drown yourself in Kylie Rocket’s VR pussy in this FuckPassVR Exclusive Release!
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Country: United States

Specs: 3D, 8K, 180º, 60FPS, Binarual Sound

Released: Jan 05 2024

Tags: CowgirlNatural TitsClose-upCreampieGreen Eyes8KIntimateStanding MissionaryDick SuckingCaucasianPOVChair GrindAss BounceLanding StripDoggy StyleBushKissingMissionaryPOV BJSexy BrunetteAmerican

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