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Double Down in Lima

Starring: Marina Gold
Welcome to Lima, the capital and largest city of Peru. It is a lively and historically rich metropolis located on the country's central western coast, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Lima's cultural scene is a delightful fusion of indigenous, Spanish, African, and Asian influences. This mix is prominently reflected in its cuisine, music, and traditional arts. The city is also home to numerous museums and art galleries showcasing the country's rich history and contemporary creativity. The city also hosts Important festivals throughout the year - such as Fiestas Patrias commemorating its independence, and Mistura showcasing Peru’s culinary diversity. You are in town on business and after putting in several days of work you decide to take a few days off. A night on the town is in order because you have always wanted to explore Lima’s culinary scene. You head to the hip Barranca neighborhood to indulge in Latin America’s best restaurant, Central. There you happen to run into VR Porn bombshell Marina Gold. The two of you hit it off and you spend the rest of the evening together exploring Lima’s nightlife. At the end of the night, Marina Gold takes you home with her and you engage in some passionate sex. The next morning, she awakens on your chest and cannot believe that she brought you home with her. As you talk, Marina Gold is curious about what it is that seems so special about you. When she discovers that you are an elite FuckPassVR member it all makes perfect sense. Now that she knows who and what you are, Marina Gold wants to go a second round in 8K VR Porn! After stripping off her clothes, Marina Gold drops to her knees and voraciously swallows your cock! You put your hands on her head and push your cock as far in as it will go before pulling her close and parting her VR pussy lips. Overcome with pleasure, Marina Gold moans loudly as she experiences a huge orgasm. Then she tells you to bend her over and fuck her VR asshole. As you are pumping her hard and fast the feeling is overwhelming, and you fill her with your cream… Put on your Virtual Reality Headset and take down Marina Gold in this FuckPassVR Exclusive Release!
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Country: Peru

Specs: 3D, 8K, 180º, 60FPS, Binarual Sound

Released: Mar 25 2024

Tags: IntimateBushCreampieATMDeep AnalDick SuckingReverse CowgirlPOVMissionaryLatinClose-upPeruvianKissingStanding MissionaryAnalizedPOV BJDoggy StyleAveragePussy WorshipHazel EyesSexy Brunette

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